TELUS communications inc.

Digital Voice of the Customer

The questions

"What are our customers saying and where do we need to focus our improvements?"

"How do we provide a best in class online customer experience to drive online adoption?"


Data strategy + data synthesis + data storytelling

Developed the Digital Voice of the Customer Research Program and enabled a national team of 90+ with access to customer insights leveraged to drive strategy, priorities and projects. By listening to their customers, TELUS was able to decrease unsatisfied visits to by 50% and identify opportunities that reduced $20 million in costs and increased revenues of $30 million.

“Angie’s portfolio spanned multiple areas, and included analyzing quantitative and qualitative Voice of the Customer data to provide actionable insights to the team. With her drive focusing us on what customers were saying, our Customer Experience improved better than target. Angie’s style was very effective with stakeholders, including senior executives, peers, members on other teams and vendors. In particular, her strong analytical and storytelling skills helped bring together complex data from multiple data sources to tell a compelling “so what.”
— Lucas Chang (Director of Web Operations, TELUS)

“Angie demonstrated strong collaboration and exceptional customer focus as an OpinionLab partner, expanding a fledgling Voice of Customer program into a comprehensive Listening Platform to inform better business decisions. She leveraged best-in-class standards to create effective solutions in a lean manner that optimized limited resources. Angie established collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders (including both her team and our OpinionLab team) to develop sustainable and holistic solutions. She engaged her coworkers with her enthusiasm and her ability to deliver meaningful data. Angie’s knowledge and abilities in the realm of Customer Experience Management will be beneficial to any company interested in better understanding their customers. “
— Patti Boulianne, (Director, Customer Engagement, OpinionLab, Inc.)