Tea sparrow


The challenge

"We need our data to be accessible and organized so that it will help us deliver the best teas to our members"


data strategy that's accessible + insightful + advantageous

By establishing a data system that houses the company's essential data assets (their member ratings and reviews), Tea Sparrow can deliver the best products to their customers and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We had so much meaningful data collected, but we used it in very limiting ways.
Angie not only improved the way we capture data to ensure its accuracy, but also helped us create a data base system to easily enter the data and then retrieve answers from the data. We now understand more about our customers and marketplace than ever before. These insights have been invaluable and we now make decision based on real factual information. The end result has been not only an increase in business but also a more meaningful dialogue with our customers, suppliers and general marketplace.
Thank you Angie.”
— Michael Menashy (Founder, Tea Sparrow)