Simon Fraser University

Beedie School of Business

The question

"How are our current Program Goals meeting the needs of today's global job market? How do we improve?"

From data through dialogue to decisions

Performed integrative data analysis across multiple data sources including focus groups and surveys conducted with current students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers. Produced student personas and journey maps to identify key insights and opportunities to prepare students for changing market needs.

The outcomes

Program innovation and optimization through the addition of new courses, assignments, and increased opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals. Optimized student post-secondary experiences to prepare them for their future careers based on listening, empathy, holistic feedback, and market trends.

“Information and data can be very tedious to review and understand. One collects the data but then what to do with it? This is the situation encountered on a major research project and we were grateful for the work of Angie Fleming to come in and humanise the information so it all made sense. Angie is someone who straddles the quantitative and converts it to rich qualitative stories. This is a talent that not a lot of people possess. We were very pleased with her work, how she constantly communicated with us and was open for clarification.”
— Sam Thiara, Lecturer, Beedie School of Business SFU