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better data = smarter decisions = bigger impact

You're busy dedicated to your mission and know that you've got so much data it's tough to make sense of it all, better yet know what pieces are important vs information overload.

You know you're doing good things for the people you serve, your community that's thriving, and the planet you live in, but you're struggling to fully capture, measure and communicate this with the world... your customers, your team, your board, and the community stakeholders you impact.

You're in good hands. By working together, we'll get you tracking, measuring, and communicating your impact on people, planet and profits to help you make a measurable impact and realize your vision.

Connecting Metrics + Mission

Let's build a customized and flexible tracking system to help your organization organize, track, measure, and analyze your progress on the impact you make on people, the planet, and your profits.

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Total Impact Analysis

In a world with so much data, so many reports, and so much to do, let's save you time and headaches by integrating all your data sources into one simplified report. Focused on your mission and the people you serve, and identifying opportunities that will bring the biggest impact to your triple bottom line.

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Voice of Your Customers

Listening to customers is key to strengthening relationships. Do you have a closed-loop system to collect, analyze, and translate customer feedback into actionable insights that provides results?

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Communicating with Data

The simpler we present information, the better it is at engaging audiences and inspiring them to take action. We blend numbers, visuals, and words to tell stories with data that simultaneously speaks to their head, their heart and their soul. Data visualizations that can be used both online and offline to enhance your marketing content.

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Human Centered Data + Design + Dialogue

Taking you from data through dialogue to decision. Let's create a customized solution to make your data accessible, insightful, and actionable so that it will be advantageous to your triple bottom line.  Our data communication services will collect, organize, and analyze your data to uncover strategic insights and improvement opportunities. Then we create beautiful data visualizations that will communicate your impact quickly and easily to your diverse audience of customers, employees, board of directors, and community stakeholders. Let's measure what matters to increase your impact on people + planet + profits.

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