our mission

making data advantageous for people + Planet + Profits

We work with values-based organizations that are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences, determined to continually improve, and committed to delivering positive social and environmental impacts in addition to their economic profits.

We strive to make data...


Where is your data coming from?

We help you identify, collect, and organize it in a way that can be easily analyzed to help you make smarter decisions efficiently, conveniently, and routinely.


What does it all mean?

We analyze and synthesize data from a variety of sources to identify key relationships and trends, uncovering strategic insights and opportunities.


Stories are more powerful than stats

We present data beautifully so that it is easy to understand and easy to action. Leading to measurable impacts on your triple bottom line.

data that's advantageous to your bottom line

  • Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty & referrals
  • Increased employee, community & stakeholder engagement
  • Decreased risks & decreased costs by focusing on what areas have the biggest impact
  • Communicate, promote and raise awareness of your total impact for people + planet + profits
  • Market your social & environmental impact to attract conscious consumers
  • Gather real customer testimonials to help sell you goods and services

formula for humanising data