The question

"how do we better understand our market and encourage more people to convert to reusable cloth pads?" 


from data through dialogue to decision

Co-created "LunaBodyTalks" dialogue to ask people about their menstruation and bladder leakage experiences.

The goals were to:

1) improve their menstruation and/or bladder leakage experiences in line with Lunapad's mission of helping people have more positive and informed experiences of their menstrual cycles, and by extension, their bodies overall,

2) target prospective customers with free samples in return for their survey response, while

3) promote the Lunapad's brand, mission and values, and 

the outcomes

Over 8,000 people across North America engaged in the online dialogue (~20 question survey) on the personal topics of menstruation and bladder leakage and shared their personal experiences, current and past behaviour, motivations, barriers to switching, and ideas for improvement. 

Synthesized data into customer segments and product comparison charts to uncover strategic insight and opportunities to grow the business through optimized store placement, digital strategy, new product package design, and more.

Targeted 600 people to send a Lunapad sample to who met strategic criteria of never using Lunapads before and expressed their willingness to if given a recommendation or free trial.  Created a closed feedback loop to learn about their experience and build trusted relationships with potential customers.