guiding principles

key criteria for making decisions when blending data + design + dialogue

With so much data out there, the following principles help us stay focused to help create the biggest impact for our efforts.

1. The Medium = The Message

How we present data is as important as what we present to make sure the message is effectively delivered. We work closely with our clients to understand their audiences so that we can creatively share their data so that it will inspire action.

2. Whole > Sum(Parts)

Before diving into each variable to see what's happening, we first seek to understand the end-to-end experience and all the people impacted to gain the bigger picture of how the pieces fit together. This provides a valuable context to how the parts are interrelated, and how changes to one area impact others, and the inter-relationships between people, processes and technology.

3. Data for Action

We focus on actionable metrics that help identify opportunities that directly lead to changes and improvement opportunities. With so much data and so many vanity metrics out there, our focused approach and bias for action helps us break through analysis paralysis so you can achieve significant results to your triple bottom line.

4. Innovation via Sharing

We are big believers in democratizing data. When someone has access to valuable information and insights that can help others, it should be shared so that everyone can benefit.

5. Effective Altruism

We are committed to giving back wherever we can by sharing our resources, time, connections and profits. We donate a percentage of our profits to not-for-profits that are making an impact. The more work we do, the more money we can donate, the more these organizations can help make the world a healthier + happier place.

6. Globally Local & Locally Global

Globalization and the internet have made it possible to access world-class thought leaders, resources, and information way easier than ever before. We have a diverse and global network to collaborate with to share lessons, insights, and learning so that we can share these lessons with our local clients to offer them world-class solutions.

7. Work to Live & Live to Play

Being multi-passionate gives us lots of skills to pull from and makes the work more original and fun. We believe that bringing our whole selves into our work helps us create stronger solutions and helps us really look at data with a human centered approach.