humanising data

A holistic approach to transforming data into results

wrapped in love.

Combining my skills, perspectives, passions and talents enables me to love what I do.

I love the power of statistics and finding patterns and relationships in the world. Everything is connected, and when we zoom-in, zoom-out, look ahead, look behind, and shift perspectives to how we see things, solutions naturally seem to come to the surface.

The power of good design is an act of love. Combining form + function enables efficiency + effectiveness. Quantity is important but quality is important too. 

The power of dialogue with ourselves and with others (especially people who are different from ourselves) leads to insight, epiphanies and ah-ha moments that inspire transformational growth.

If the data is analysed and insights are discovered, it is our duty to ensure that findings and opportunities are communicated effectively, so responsible action can be taken with accountability.

Otherwise, what's the point of all this data?