The question

"how do we best measure the impact we're having on our diverse stakeholders - students, City Staff, faculty and community organizations?" 


from data through dialogue to decision

Co-created  a robust, simple and elegant evaluation framework to measure the impact of CityStudio and continue a  dialogue with stakeholders over the short, medium and long term.

The goals were to:

1) listen to diverse groups for their input, 

2) gather feedback from diverse stakeholders for continuous program improvement, and

3) promote CityStudio's way, brand, mission and values

the outcomes

Collection of benchmark metrics to understand the value of the CityStudio program and identify improvement opportunities for future cohorts.

Organized and strategic data assets to be used for marketing (i.e. testimonials), cost savings through improvement opportunities, and fundraising (i.e. grant applications).

Deepened empathy, engagement and loyalty through design thinking and participant feedback.