combining data + design + dialogue

to help people be healthy + happy + whole

Designing conversations with stakeholders (i.e. surveys, conversations, feedback forms) to access better data,

Designing information to surface insight and make it easier for audiences of all levels to easily understand, and

Communicating insights to inspire action and optimize the impact on people, the planet and your profits.


ichigo, ichie.

Rough translation, "one time, one meeting." Taught to me many times over while participating in my mom's traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, this phrase serves to remind us that we only have one life, one moment, and even if we aim to replicate the environment, tea leaves, flower arrangement, etc, many moments in life are one time only.

In life there are no dress rehearsals, so let's make the most of our experiences, by balancing quality with quantity, seeking truth, leading with love and experiencing joy.


making data advantageous for people + planet + profits

By listening to people (i.e. customers, employees, communities),

Aligning metrics with mission,

Asking better questions,

Designing surveys as a dialogue,

Integrating diverse data sources, 

Looking at problems from multiple perspectives, and

Communicating with the audience's point of view. 


growth and progress begins by asking better questions...