We make data advantageous for people + planet + profits

We connect metrics with mission to help values-based organizations expand their impact on the people they serve, the world they live in, and the profits they make. Because when you measure it, you can improve it.

Less time achieving sub-optimal results = more time for action to increase your impact



What is humanising data? Find out about our story, vision, mission, guiding principles, continuous improvement process, and our team.

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We love data and want you to love data too! Our service packages are designed to make data accessible, insightful, actionable and most of all advantageous to your triple bottom line.

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We believe we are stronger together and that sharing and collaboration helps to build vibrant communities. We share our time, talent, money, and connections to build an interconnected world.

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Continuous improvement begins with data...

Your organization does incredible things to make the world a better place. Using business as a force for good, helping people be healthy + happy + whole, building vibrant communities that blend work + play +life, all while minimizing your carbon footprint. You're so busy dedicated to your mission that you haven't taken advantage of all the data you're already sitting on to measure and communicate the TOTAL IMPACT you're making.

We help organizations like yours, measure your impact on the people you serve, the planet, and your profits. To fully extract value from your data (however big, small, thin, deep,etc) the following are essential:

  1. Quality reliable data must be collected and organized in an efficient and easy to use way

  2. Data must be analyzed from diverse perspectives and sources, focusing on your customers, your vision and mission to identify solutions that will deliver optimal and sustainable results

  3. Data must be shared and communicated in a way that can be easily and effortlessly understood by all audiences - your customers, team, boards, and community stakeholders